Selling Your Home Quickly And Easily

Homeowners who want to sell their property quickly should consider an alternative solution. If they make an attempt to complete this task on their own, it could take several months to complete. The same is true of using a real estate agent. Additionally, the real estate agent stands to acquire a commission for each house sold. This could reduce the total value in which the homeowner acquires for their property. The first step is to look for companies that state, “we buy houses.”

How Does This Work?

The homeowner will submit a request with the home-buying agency. They will provide contact information and details about the property. The homeowner should indicate an approximate date in which they wish to close. The buyer will schedule a meeting with the homeowner. To submit a request for information visit Finally Sold in Phoenix.

The Home Inspection

At any time that a property is sold, an inspection is required. Typically, a mortgage lender requires a full report that lists all repairs that need to be performed. Each portion of the property is inspected. The total process could take several hours to complete. This isn’t the case with a home-buying agency.

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These buyers send a representative to your home to perform the inspection. The entire process takes about 15 minutes to complete. After the inspection, the representative sits down with the homeowner to present an offer. They do not expect the homeowner to pay for any repairs before the closing. The property is purchased as an investment. The representative explains how they arrived at the price in which they are offering.

If the offer is reasonable and the homeowner accepts, the representative informs the of the potential closing date. In most cases, the homeowner can expect the property to close in ten days. However, if they need more time they can set the date themselves. This could allow for more time to remove their belongings from the property. However, the funds aren’t transferred until the day of the closing.

Closing on the Property

The title of the property is changed and transferred to the new owner. The funds for the purchase of the property are transferred to the bank account of the homeowner’s choice. An attorney reviews all the documents for the property purchase to ensure that all steps were completed legally.

Homeowners who need to sell in a hurry could acquire these funds needed for their home in ten days. This could help them to buy a new home faster and without great difficulty. To learn more about this process, contact Finally Sold or visit today.


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